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Micro Ring Hair Extensions in Koh Samui

Micro ring hair extensions: a reusable and popular method

Micro ring hair extensions: sought-after method for seamless, natural-looking enhancement.

micro ring hair extensions in koh samui

What is the micro ring method?

Individual strands of hair are attached to the client’s own hair using a small metal ring, with no heat or glue involved. The metal ring is simply clamped closed to secure the new hair in place.

Fittings and removals are safe, easy, and clean, with no need for any chemicals. You just open the micro ring to release the strand, which can then be refitted.

If a client adds significant length at the first fitting, the hair can be reused many times. This makes micro rings a more affordable option for long-term hair extensions.

For Who?

Who are they suitable for?

Micro rings are perfect for clients who prefer a permanent method with fewer salon visits. This technique doesn’t use heat or glue, making it a gentler option for your hair. Additionally, micro rings allow you to reuse the hair, which helps save on costs in the long run.

Hair extensions koh samui
Hair extensions koh samui
Why Us?

Why choose us?

With years of experience, we stand out as your trusted choice for micro ring hair extensions.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering as we source the finest Asian hair from top providers. You’ll find our prices are not just competitive; they are notably cheaper than what you’d find at home.

Our extensions are made from 100% real human hair, ensuring the highest quality. We take pride in offering you a hair transformation that beautifully blends tradition and modernity with our premium hair extensions.

Choose us for guaranteed quality that reflects our dedication to enhancing your beauty.

Micro Ring Process

How Does it Work?

Hair wash in koh samui
Hair extensions koh samui

01 - Texture Selection

Match extensions to your natural hair, be it straight, wavy, or curly.

02 - Color Matching

Find the perfect shade to blend seamlessly with your natural hue or introduce highlights.

03 - Weight Determination

Choose the right hair volume based on your desired thickness.

04 - Length Decision

Opt for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic change.

05 - Expert Application

Extensions are securely attached using tiny, discreet metal rings.

06 - Styling & Blending

Post-application, we ensure your extensions blend flawlessly with your natural locks.

At What Price?

How Much Does it Cost?

Hair extensions koh samui

Dark / Brown

50 cm
7000. THB
60 cm
8000. THB
70 cm
9000. THB
80 cm
10000. THB
Hair extensions koh samui

Light Brown

50 cm
8000. THB
60 cm
9000. THB
70 cm
10000. THB
80 cm
11000. THB
Hair extensions koh samui

Blonde / Fashion

50 cm
8500. THB
60 cm
9500. THB
70 cm
10500. THB
80 cm
11500. THB
Know More

General questions

Micro ring hair extensions are suitable for most hair types. If you have normal or thick hair at the root, this method is perfect for you. However, for those with finer hair, the micro ring method may not be suitable. We can provide test pieces of other methods for you in the salon to find the best match for your hair type.

With proper care, micro ring hair extensions in Koh Samui can last very long. However we recommend to refit the extensions every 2-3 months, as your hair grows and the beads go further down your hair.

Absolutely! One of the main benefits of micro ring extensions is that they don’t rely on heat or glue, reducing potential damage to your natural hair.

Yes, a significant advantage of these extensions is their reusability. With proper care, you can reuse the extensions multiple times, offering cost savings in the long run.

When fitted for the first time, hair extensions can feel quite strange for a day or two. The first time you sleep with permanent hair extensions might be uncomfortable, but this feeling usually goes away within a few days.

The best way to determine if they will be comfortable for you is to have test pieces fitted during your consultation. Wear them for a week, washing and treating them as you would your own hair. This trial period will help you decide if hair extensions are the right fit for you.

We often get asked if we can fit hair bought online or previously fitted elsewhere, but I’m afraid we cannot. A significant part of our service is the high-quality hair we source. By sourcing superior quality hair we trust for long-term use, we have established ourselves as a leading hair extensions specialist salon.

We only trust the hair we supply to our clients, so we do not refit hair from other sources.


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