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Micro Bond Hair Extensions Koh Samui

Micro bonds - Long lasting, re-usable and light for your hair !

Micro bond hair extensions in Koh Samui: The most demandable technique for flawless, natural-looking augmentation.
Micro bond hair extensions in koh samui

Understanding the Micro Bond Technique

In Koh Samui the micro bond hair extensions are a top choice. Hand crafted, each Micro Bond is delicately formed using keratin, the protein that is present in your hair and nails.

We carefully attach the bonds near the root of your natural hair, forming a connection as small as a grain of rice by rolling keratin between the thumb and index finger.

The bonds are secure and long-lasting. Installation and removal are hassle-free, without harsh chemicals. You can reuse the extensions. Enhance your beauty in Koh Samui with a trusted technique.

For who ?

Who are they suitable for?

Micro Bond extensions are versatile, suitable for those desiring natural length and volume, especially individuals with fine or thin hair. They offer a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution, accommodating busy lifestyles.

These discreet and lightweight extensions allow versatile styling, providing comfort even with extended wear. Consult with a hairstylist to determine the best fit for your hair type and style goals.

Hair extensions koh samui
Hair extensions koh samui
Natural Hair

Why choose us?

With years of experience, we stand out as your trusted choice for (insert method) hair extensions in Koh Samui.

Our commitment to quality is unwavering as we source the finest Asian hair from the region’s top providers. You’ll find our prices are not just competitive; they are notably cheaper than what you’d find at home, a bonus if you’re visiting Koh Samui.

Our extensions are made from 100% real human hair, ensuring the highest quality. We take pride in offering you a hair transformation that beautifully blends tradition and modernity with our distinguished premium hair extensions in Koh Samui.

Choose us for a guaranteed quality that reflects our dedication to enhancing your beauty.

Elevate Beauty, Naturally

Begin Your Transformation Today

Discover the Magic Behind Our Hair Extension Process

How Does it Work?

Hair extensions koh samui
Hair wash in koh samui

01 - Texture Selection

Match extensions to your natural hair, be it straight, wavy, or curly.

02 - Color Matching

Find the perfect shade to blend seamlessly with your natural hue or introduce highlights.

03 - Weight Determination

Choose the right hair volume based on your desired thickness.

04 - Length Decision

Opt for a subtle enhancement or a dramatic change.

05 - Expert Application

Extensions are securely attached using tiny, discreet metal rings.

06 - Styling & Blending

Post-application, we ensure your extensions blend flawlessly with your natural locks.

Affordable Hair Extensions : Unveiling the Prices

How Much Does it Cost?

Hair extensions koh samui

Dark / Brown

50 cm
7000. THB
60 cm
8000. THB
70 cm
9000. THB
80 cm
10000. THB
Hair extensions koh samui

Light Brown

50 cm
8000. THB
60 cm
9000. THB
70 cm
10000. THB
80 cm
11000. THB
Hair extensions koh samui

Blonde / Fashion

50 cm
8500. THB
60 cm
9500. THB
70 cm
10500. THB
80 cm
11500. THB
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General questions

Micro bond extensions can be removed professionally at our salon. The process typically takes around 1-2 hours.
Micro bond extensions typically last 2-3 months, depending on your hair growth, after which a refit is recommended.
Micro bond extensions are generally suitable for various hair types, but it’s essential to consult with a professional hairstylist to determine the best fit for your hair.
When applied and maintained correctly, micro bond extensions do not damage your natural hair. It’s essential to have them installed and maintained by a professional salon to ensure the best results and the health of your natural hair.
Yes, you can style your hair as you would normally with micro bond extensions, including curling, straightening, and more. However, it’s essential to avoid brushing the capsule itself and to refrain from applying direct heat to the capsule, as this can affect the extension’s longevity and performance.
The time required for the process of micro bond extensions can vary, typically ranging from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the amount of hair being extended.

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