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Remove / Refit Hair Extensions in Koh Samui

Remove/Refit Hair Extensions: Premium Service for Flawless Extensions!

Hair Transformation: Refresh with Our Remove/Refit Hair Extensions Service Using Nature’s Best.

Refit / Remove Process

How Does it Work?

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01 - Detangling & Prepping

Carefully detangle the hair for a smooth process, followed by cleansing the scalp and hair to remove any product buildup.

02 - Extension Removal

Apply a specialized solution to the bonds or tapes of the extensions, then gently remove extensions without causing damage to the natural hair.

03 - Hair Assessment

Examine the natural hair for any signs of damage or stress, recommending treatments if necessary.

04 - Hair Treatment (if needed)

Apply nourishing treatments to restore health and shine to the natural hair, allowing treatments to sit and then rinse.

05 - Refitting Process

Prepare new or previously used extensions (if in good condition) and attach using the chosen method (e.g., tape, glue, or micro-rings).

06 - Styling & Finishing

Trim and blend extensions with natural hair for a seamless look, then style as desired ensuring client satisfaction.

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Remove / Refit

Basic removal + free blow dry (per 100g)
1000 - 2000 THB
Refit + free blow dry (per 100g)
1500 - 3000 THB
*Prices depend on the type of hair extensions

At What Price?

How Much Does it Cost?

Delving into the realm of hair extensions can seem intricate, particularly when weighing the costs of refit and removal services. We’re here to demystify our pricing structure for you.

Whether it’s a single refit session or a consistent upkeep plan, our pricing is straightforward and transparent. Understand the value we offer and choose confidently for the health of your hair.

Know More

General questions

Hair extensions typically need to be refitted every 6 to 8 weeks. This ensures they remain secure and look natural as your hair grows.

The refit or removal process usually takes about 1 to 2 hours, depending on the number of extensions and the specific method used.

Yes, you can reuse your hair extensions multiple times if they are in good condition. We will clean and prepare them during the refit process.

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent. The cost varies depending on the method and the number of extensions, but we provide a detailed quote during your consultation.

No, when done correctly by our professionals, refitting or removing hair extensions will not damage your natural hair. We use gentle techniques to ensure your hair stays healthy.

Before your appointment, make sure your hair is clean and free of any heavy products. This helps us work more efficiently and ensures the best results.


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